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If this will be your first trip to Israel or if you have visited us many times in the past, if it will be a family trip or not, if you are interested in the modern or ancient history of Israel or want to see more of the Israeli nature, please let us present to you an itinerary that will meet your expectations. In addition to Jerusalem, Tsfat, the Dead Sea and Massada, let us take you to the places where biblical events took place like Emeq Haela ,where David fought Goliath,or the Valley of Yizrae’l, where Gideon defeated the Mid'ianites.

 With your Israeli tour guides you will explore the settlements built by the Jewish pioneers in the late 19th.century and visit the first Kibbutzim to see what has changed in this unique way of life. We will visit the battlefields of the "War of Independence" and the other war sites from the Golan Heights to the Negev to broaden your perspective on the security subject in the past and today  Travel with children? we will include attractions for them along the way such as camek riding, donkeyriding, rappeling, canoeing and water sports.

Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah
Looking for an unforgettable bar/bat Mitzvah trip to Israel? Let us plan it for you. We will take care of everything from the moment you land in Israel…The unique location, the Rabbi, the Torah, transportation, the ceremony and the celebration.

Like to add a little adventure? Join us for an off the beaten road trip or for an adventure in Jordan.

With the Bible in one hand and the maps in the other hand, together with your Israeli tour guides you will visit the old and new Israel, crowded and pastoral places, popular and off the main tourism routes to discover fascinating details of nature and history not usually observed on  standard guided tours.


Dear Moti

…..  We could not have asked for a more erudite guide nor a more pleasant traveling companion.  This is true especially in terms of Daniel.  To make understandable and interesting the long and complex history of the Jews to a boy of Bar Mitzvah age is not an easy task, but you did it peerlessly.  Daniel considers you a true pal – and more importantly, a very cool guy.
Please feel free to give our names as references.

Daniel, Judy and Steven Katten

Come explore the Holy Land with  our Israeli tour  guides . feel the history, meet the people, taste the food, experience the nature and enjoy the attractions that Israel offers.


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