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Visiting the Holy land is like no other trip you have taken or you will ever take. Some people describe it as a life changing experience. Come and join us on a journey to the land of the Bible. If you have dreamed of understanding and experiencing more about the origins of Christianity and want to personally know the land that Jesus walked and ministered to his disciples, then join us. We will visit the old and new Israel to discover fascinating details of Biblical sites, history and nature not usually observed on standard guided tours.Travel with children? We will include attractions for them along the way such as camel riding, donkey riding, rappelling, canoeing and other water sports, ...

Church groups: We work closely with the church so the tour meets the group’s preferences, time and budget. Our tour guides are most knowledgeable of the Old and the New Testament, and will add cultural and historical connections. The hotels, tour bus company and other land operators are carefully selected to meet the highest standards. With the Bible in our hand we will bring the scriptures to life.


"..I did not journey to Israel seeking a religious experience. I am already convinced of God's greatness, but if there was ever a place I feel his presence more, it is in Israel

Olga arias, Chicago


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Lling A
Dumaguete City, Dumaguete, Philippines
Reviewed November 23, 2012

We just concluded our pilgrimage to the Holy Land guided by Moti Kaufer. He was an excellent tour guide providing us with historical insights as well as a contextualized and comprehensive view of the biblical significance of the holy shrines we were visiting. He was a professional and very knowledgeable. We moved around the Holy Land in a relaxed pace without feeling being rushed. His good sense of humor made our experience memorable, exciting and fun. He was very articulate and has a good command of the English language among other languages, I suppose. If you need the services of a tour guide, I highly recommend Moti Kaufer!!!

Visited November 2012
Chapel of the Resurrection Visit