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Upper Galilee, Safed, Golan Heights

From Haifa, head north- east to Safed This picturesque town is known to be the center of the Jewish Kabala in the 16th century. You will stroll in the narrow alleys to visit the synagogues and the many art galleries. See the artists at work.

Continue north along the Israeli-Lebanese border and discuss the geo-political of the region. Cross the Hulla Valley and ascend to the Golan Heights. Visit the borderline with Syria. Stop near Mt. Hermonit, overlooking the "Valley of Tears", where the Syrian army forces were stopped in the Yom Kippur War (1973).

The Golan region is where the best wine in Israel is produced due to the temperature and the volcanic soil. If time permits, visit one of the best winery in the region for a wine tasting.

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