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My husband and I and 2 other couples spent 3 days with Moti Kaufer in early October 2012.
My pleasant experience started 6 months before when I contacted Moti via email and he called me back in the US to speak in detail about what we were looking for. He is pleasant, knowledgeable and a good ambassador for his country. He tailored our tour to cover a nice blend of religious sites and geo-political areas we wanted to cover. Moti picked us up at the hotel early in the morning and took us on an unforgettable tour of Jerusalem's Old City. He made us feel comfortable and was very willing to adapt the schedule to our requests. Moti's next tour day took us through Jaffa, Haifa, Galilee and Rosh Pina. He selected an amazing Bed and Breakfast (1885) to spend the night at. We continued our jouney the next day where he accommodated our request to visit a boutique winery in the Golan region and stopped to show us a well known site of a battle with Syria. Our journey ended at the Dead Sea. We continue our tour on to Turkey and had 6 guides during our 2 week trip. Moti was the best by far!
We highly recommend Moti. We feel we have a friend in Israel!

Visited October 2012
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From: Carole Margolin <>


July 4, 2011 12:41:27 PM EDT


Moti Kaufer-Israel Private Tours <>

Subject: Thank you



 We want to thank you for making our trip to Israel spectacular and allowing us to experience a most meaningful , rewarding  and enjoyable holiday.

 Our trip in the Negev, sleeping at the bed and breakfast among the Shifta ruins,  meeting with the Bedouin family, visitng the Ramom Crater

and your knowledge of history made the beginning of our trip magical.

 Thereafter your concern and skill transporting the six of us to the Dead Sea along the Jordan River to the Sea of Galilee made us not only tourists who saw

everything, but gave us the opportunity to experience the life of an Israeli. You provided us  with the opportunity to tour the The Golan Heights, the Druze Villages

and now know the wonders and realism of Israel. We can't thank you enough for  making us live as Israelis, experiencing all the local restaurants and hot spots.

We appreciated your concern and guidance throughout our whole trip,making sure our wishes were met and respected.

Thank you for providing us with a glorious trip that was beyond our imagination.

Carole and Sy Margolin  

Moti Feel free to post this on your Website

Shalom Moti,


I am enclosing the review I put on Tripadvisor:


Thanks to recommendations found on tripadvisor, we  used Moti Kaufer as our private guide.  We found that having a guide like Moti truly enhanced our trip.   He was able to help us understand the past by relating it to the present.  His grasp of both historical and current political events and ability to convey them clearly added to our experience.   He is personable and witty and he worked to tailor the trip to our interests.   His English is perfect as he spent some time in school in Texas.  One of the great things about having an independent guide is the guide's ability to go off the beaten path...we ate at fabulous family run restaurants and better yet, Moti frequently would order for us...the end result being memorable and delicious meals.   With Moti, we saw. learned, and experienced more than we could possibly have on our own!


As to the places where you are mentioned, below are some of the links.







Rolf and Fidele Edelsward



Saturday, December 11, 2010 3:56 AM


Guided Tours Israel

Shalom Moti:

We wish to thank you again for a wonderful experience on our tours of Israel.  We wish we had the time to visit many more interesting places. I know my brother Oswald and sister-in-law, Sheila enjoyed the tours and I am sure Joyce and Amelia did also.   All the Best!

Rolf and Fidele

Dear Mr. Schneider:


On November 1st we left from the port of Ashdod and again on November 2nd from the port of Haifa  on guided tours with Mr. Moti Kaufer. Our sister, Sheila Shanks, had booked the tours and there were six of us from the Prinsendam who travelled in a comfortable air conditioned mini van. Mr. Kaufer gave us a running commentary as we drove the countryside to the various sites. He was very knowledgeable, personable and helpful.  We enjoyed touring with him and and through his expert knowledge of the ancient cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth and surrounding areas, we have come to understand and appreciate your beautiful country even more. Our visit to the Dead Sea and dip in the briny water was quite an experiance!


Rolf & Fidele Edelsward

Toronto, Canada



Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2010 2:55 PM

Subject: thanks again

Dear Moti.

Well, we finally made it back to the USA....  


I wanted to once again thank you for a most memorable trip.  Without your expert guidance the experience would not have been as exciting, interesting or educating.  You are a wonderful guide.  While everyone we know has had a guide on their trips to Israel, only one guide can be the BEST, and you're it.  It was truly a trip beyond anything we could have imagined.

Please feel free to use me any time as a reference.  You have my e mail, NY telephone and MA telephone, so please use them whenever needed.

Thanks again for your friendship and professionalism. 

Best regards, Ruth Hennefeld


From: "robin rifkin";
To: "Moti Kaufer,Quality Tourism" <>
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2009 8:09 PM
Subject: Thank you

I am back a few days from my trip. Thank you for setting things up for me
for Petra and at the hotel. I really enjoyed the trip to Petra, and my
fellow travelers. The young tour guide was sweet and gave us a glimpse of
Jordanian life now and Nabetean life before.

The hotel was great too… the room was clean, large and very lovely.  

Thanks you for setting me up with a nice tour and accommodations.

When I travel to Israel again, I'll be in touch.


…..Sure go ahead and put it on the website



Hi Moti,

We wanted to let you know what an extraordinary time we had touring Israel with you. It didn’t very long for both of us to view you, not just as a guide, but a friend  as well!

The valuable insights you provided…..historical, religious, political and social…..took our trip to a whole new level.

We feel so lucky to have found you.

Hoping we can do it again sometime.

Best regards,

Reba and Bob Wolf

Los Angeles, CA      

 October 2009


Dear Zvika:

Wanted to thank you for helping to make Zachary and Jacob's first trip to Israel so spectacular! You helped them to see what Israel is all about.  It's very difficult for children in the States to understand and you were able to do so much.

We so appreciated everything you did.  I want you to know that you were a great fit for my family and I believe so much of what the boys saw and heard will have an everlasting effect on them truly because of you.  I thank you.

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.

With much appreciation,

Nancy (and her boys)
Nancy Bader
Bader Media Group

HQ:   +1.212.744.4328

July 2011


Dear Moti,
Returning to our everyday lives has not been easy. Beautiful Israel has left an undeniable mark on our minds, our hearts and most of all our souls and we have you to thank for this. We would have missed so much of your amazing country's beauty and uniqueness had we not had you for our guide.
From the incredible memorial that is Yad Vashem to the vineyards of the Golan, you presented us with an Israel no tour bus could have possibly shown us. I'm sitting at a sidewalk cafe as I write this, and I am remembering the great coffee, amazing humus, wondrous desserts you got us in the old city, and the taste of mint in a cold glass of lemonade. The tastes and aromas are still so vivid. Even the daily Muslim call to prayer is still with me. With all honesty, this journey has stayed with me more than any other I've ever taken.
I did not journey to Israel seeking a religious experience. I am already convinced of God's greatness, but if there was ever a place I feel his presence more, it is in Israel. Frank agrees with me and asked me to tell you that your picture of his prayer at the Western Wall not only is worth a thousand words, but a million thanks.
My husband found a wine store near our home, which carries wine from the Golan and Galilee and brought some for me. This weekend when I taste its sweetness, I shall toast you and the amazing unmatched education you gave me. You are historian, archeologist, theologian, and the best representative your country could have. We were so very fortunate to have you as our guide and when I return in two years with my husband, I pray you will be available to guide us. You see Moti, you have spoiled me and no one else will do.
Please feel free to use any of of the email for your website.
Olga Arias
August 2005


Dear Tzvika

"...We know that what we have experienced through your descriptions is far more than a list of tourist destinations. The jeep rides at the Golan and the Dead Sea, the wonderful Arab (and Yemeni) foods, the plants and geology ,the trip down Burma road …we will never forget."

Gary Lindner

Manchester, NH



Daer Zvi

"...I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful week we had in Israel thanks, very largely, to your efforts and organization. we really had a great time-thank you very much"

Sir Harry Solomon


Shalom Moti

.. I was on the trip with Pastor Mark Biltz.  I wanted to write you and thank you personally for making my first trip to Israel a very awesome experience... You have a very special place in the hearts of all who were on the trip...  know you touched our hearts… 

Love your friend
Angel Star

May 2009

Dear Moti,

…..As the time passes, the memories of our trip become stronger and stronger.  We had such a meaningful and wondrous trip. ...  We saw and did so much.  Thank you for adding your insight and experience to our trip and thanks for the pictures you sent along…….  We enjoyed spending time with you and sharing this experience together.   We appreciated your sensitivity and especially your love of the land.  You enriched our trip by taking us to so many places that were off the beaten path. One thing we do know is that we hope to return to Israel soon.   

Our early excursion to see the bird migration was an unexpected adventure.   We especially enjoyed spending time with Hagai . We  appreciated his invitation to have tea with him in his home.   

Hope you and your family are well.


Beverly and Hersh




 as his in-depth interest in birds and the natural environment gave us a wonderful and memorable day. So if you would, please forward the article to Hagai with our good wishes

Jerry and Lois


 "...It was one of the best trip I have ever been to.It was organized with top excellence and superb well managed by Moti and Raed in Jordan . They let us feel very secure and provided us with the best care and services we could ever dreamed about... Looking forward for more trips like this one.

Anna Lipowska, Geneva



I have visited Israel since 1959. I have traveled alone, with missions and I have led groups but I only really visited the country when I traveled with Moti. Moti has designed trips just for me. What fun I have had in the Negev and also in the Galilee. I have had a hot rock massage at a marvelous spa that many Americans have never heard of. I have gone to local markets and visited Druze village’s way off the local radar where I have feasted on some of the best salads and humus I have ever eaten. Every day brings a new adventure and lots of fun.

Sine Moti has lived and studied in the US he is comfortable with our needs and desires. Moti will customize any trip for the participants and it will truly be a trip that will bring a smile to your face and some wonderful memories. 

Barbara Rosenblatt  

St.Sterling ,Va


Aloha Moti,
Let me say thanks for a wonderful time.  It was such a pleasure meeting you and being guided by you throughout Eretz Yisrael.   Your candor, stories, sense of humor and knowledge really made the history come alive every where we went. We had so many highlights along the way.  We appreciated the way you were flexible and patient with all of us

We had a pleasant time with on the bus tour on the remaining days of the trip, but we certainly missed your personal comments and interjections.  We felt more like tourists and were taken to tourist retaurants vs the great local places you also took us to. 

Andy Pells-


 Dear Moti

 It has been two weeks since we’ve returned home to New York, but our hearts remain in Israel. In large part that is due to spending seven days with you touring the country. Your friendly, knowledgeable professionalism made the trip so very positive for us. We could not have asked for a more erudite guide nor a more pleasant traveling companion. This is true especially in terms of Daniel. To make understandable and interesting the long and complex history of the Jews to a boy of Bar Mitzvah age is not an easy task, but you did it peerlessly. Daniel considers you a true pal – and more importantly, a very cool guy.

Please know that we have already recommended you to a number of our friends who are contemplating a trip to Israel. Of course, when we return, you’ll be the first to know.

Best wishes, and many thanks for making our trip so memorable. Please feel free to give our names as references.

Most sincerely,

Daniel, Judy and Steven Katten




Wendy and I appreciate the time you took at various sites to explain their historical, militarily and spiritual significance. Thank you for buying the food (dates and bread) and sharing it with us….and especially for sharing your
personal past family accounts at Yad Vashem... Moti, we truly enjoyed the people and land of Israel! We would like return someday and stay longer; perhaps we will have another opportunity. I believe Israel might be the safest place on earth to live in, in these end times.

Be Well
David and Wendy Cook
May 2009

Join us to meet the people, touch the history ,taste the food, feel the nature and enjoy the attractions that Israel offers.