Israel Wine Tours - Israel Wines and Wineries

Israel Wine Tours - Israel Wines and Wineries

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For many years Israeli wineries produced unsophisticated wines. Recently, with planting of classic varieties of cool, high altitude regions…a wine revolution took root. Continued investment in modern technology and internationally trained winemakers have had dramatic effects. (Hugh Johnson, Pocket wine Book, 2003). There are seventy five wineries in Israel today,of which ten are commercial in size.In addition,several boutique wineries produce quality wines that meet the standards of international markets.  We are offering you the opportunity to combine a tour of the major sites of Israel with visiting the best wineries of the country. The visit can include a tour of the winery and the vineyards, wine tasting, and meeting winemakers and wine experts Some of the wineries also offer delicious meals. A special meal, cooked especially for you accompanied with the best wines of Israel can be part of the experience.

“…Quality is on the upswing… change is sweeping (Israel’s) wineries and vineyards at a swift pace”

(Wine Spectator)

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